31st October 2017

Hello there,


Nathan and Matt have now moved on to a new site.

It is called TheRailwayWorks3D, and this is where it can be found: https://ttteseasonsus323.wixsite.com/therailwayworks3d

That is where their future content will be hosted. I wish them luck with their future endeavours on what's hopefully a less restrictive site, and I hope you all will, too. 


This leaves Hilltrack's Trainz Routes with a single (and the original) content creator, that being myself.

As I don't see myself producing any new content in the near future, the site will be inactive indefinitely from now on. 

In other words, new content will not be released in the foreseeable future, but the site will remain open with my already released content still available to download. 


I hope you enjoyed our content while it lasted.

"A light that burns twice as bright burns half as long, and you have burned so very brightly." - Eldon Tyrell, Blade Runner (That is a movie you should all definitely check out!) 


Goodbye everyone!



12th April 2017

Hello Everyone, It seems we've been inactive for a little while so I thought i might be a good time for a release. Recently i've been working on figuring out how to make hornsounds in trainz and I'm happy to say i think i've done it. So today, I'm releasing my first whistle sound, a CGI Flying Scotsman whistle. It's over on the Buildings and add ons page for you all to get. As always, I hope you enjoy and look out for new releases coming soon.


29th May 2016

Hello Everyone,

As I said a couple days ago there would be a new release soon. Well, here it is. I have released a new freelance route called, The Sodor Scrapworks. It started out as a the Smelters yard but then it went in another direction. Anyways enjoy and look out for even more releases soon.


27th May 2016

Hello Everyone,

I have updated my routes page and re-added Tidmouth Hill and Ulfstead Village. As well, I have also released an updated version of Bryan. You can find him at the bottom of the Locomotives page.

 So please enJoy and stay tuned for a new release from me in the very near future.


13th April 2016

Announcing the Misty Valley Branch Line!

I'm updating and extending my Misty Valley route to include Callan and Castle Loch.




Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you all. Today, I bring Not One, Not Two, But FIVE New Releases based on the Sodor Construction Company! Jack, Alfie, Oliver, Max & Monty are now available for you to download. I hope you have a great time using these new releases, and I would like to give a special mention to Wildnorwester for allowing me to use some of his facepacks. I greatly appreciate that, and I hope you all have a safe and happy Christmas.


18th October 2015


In anticipation of the likely return of the Bow the Terrier stories, I have uploaded an updated version of the Ditmouth Railway, home of Bow the Terrier. (Please access the route through the supplied session.)


19th June 2015


Toad the Brakevan has been given a major overhaul ever since his release in early 2014. Now he's been given a major overhaul, with a new mesh and changeable faces. I hope you enjoy using him. :)


3rd March 2015

Celebrate the US release of The Adventure Begins by downloading our new LBSCR Green Thomas!

21st December 2014


The final Christmas release is here, and today we have 'Arry and Bert the Scrapyard Diesels.Of course they come with the same usual features as the other engines on the website. I hope you all enjoy, and we hope you all have a safe and happy Christmas. :)


20th December 2014


With the final weekend before Christmas finally here, it's time for the final Christmas Releases. Today's release is a pack of 8 plank wagons, some of which are inspired by the CGI series. I hope you all enjoy this release, and I really hope you're excited for tommorrow's release! ;)


14th December 2014


New goods wagons have arrived on the site as part of the christmas line-up. There are 2 van types included in the pack. A future patch which will involve Livery suggestions from fans will come in the future, but i'll tell you about this at a later date. ;) See you next weekend for the final Christmas releases!


13th December 2014


With updates going on with the website at the moment, the newest Xmas release is a brand new pack of Brakevans. Each one has a different varriant (Grey, Brown, NWR Lettering, and even one based on the LMS Brakevan shown in the CGI Series!)

I hope you all enjoy the new Brakevans. :)


12th December 2014


Terence the Tractor has been released on the website. He's the first off-rail character to be released on the website and he has changeable faces. I hope you all enjoy this release in the christmas line up. :)


7th December 2014


Derek the BR Class 17 Diesel from Season 5 has finally been released on the website. He comes with the same usual features my other models have, and I hope you all enjoy this release. the Christmas releases will resume this upcoming Friday. ;)


6th December 2014


Salty the Dockside Diesel has been given some updates. They're not as big as Bill and Ben's updates, so keep that in mind. 

Salty now has a newly animated bogey along with a new hornsound from Tuggie, and to add to that, Salty now has his green livery based on Salty's Surprise from Season 16. I hope you enjoy the updates to Salty, and tomorrow, a new engine will be released! ;)


5th December 2014


The Christmas Releases on the website have finally begun. Each weekend (Friday, Saturday, & Sunday leading up to Christmas), New releases and updates will be uploaded to the website. The first release for the season is a patch for Bill and Ben. Bill and Ben now have updated Cabs, updated textures, and updated features and such. I hope you all enjoy. :)


1st December 2014


Remember the Days after Christmas releases from last year? Well, the Christmas releases are returning again, only it'll be much better than last year's line-up.

Please Stay tuned for Future Releases and updates very soon!



9th October 2014


Ahoy there me harties! Salty the Dockside Diesel has joined the website!

Comes with the usual features of an Si3D 2010 Model. Multiple Faces, Headcodes, all of that stuff.


Hope you all enjoy.



Oh and P.S. Here's to 30 Years of Thomas & Friends. ;)



2nd October 2014

My First Building has been released and there are many more to come. Enjoy


13th July 2014


The Wait is finally over..


Bill and Ben the China Clay Twins are finally released.

They're included in 3 Varriants:

1. TVS

2. CGI (Season 17- Present)

3. Blue (shown in Bill or Ben?)

It's been a long wait for these to see the light of day on the website. These 2 are also the first models to support AJS Scripting with Changable faces, Headcodes, and also submeshes of Bill and Ben's nameplates.


I hope you all enjoy. :)


-Matt/ MH1994

28th April 2014


Hello, Matt here.

Today, I've released the Sodor Branch Line Coaches. They're included in 2 Different Liveries:



With that said, I hope you all enjoy the Branch Line Coaches and Expect some more goodies from me in future. :)


7th April 2014


Hello all!

The newest Extention to the Killdane Route has been released! The Peel Godred Line now goes as far as Kirk Machan, and it features scenes from episodes such as The Fogman, Bye George, and more!

The Kirk Ronan Line has also been extended to Kirk Ronan, The Flour Mill, The Fishing Villiage, and Kirk Ronan Harbour. Hope you all enjoy.

The next and final update will go as far as Crovan's Gate on the Main Line and Peel Godred and the Smelter's Yard on the Peel Godred Line.



12th March 2014


A wave of Swedish steam locomotives is rolling in. Thanks to lan who allowed me to reskin and release the models. Check the Locomotives section under "Reskins"



17th February 2014


Especially for the Upcoming Thomas & Friends US DVD release: Trouble on the Tracks, Toad the Brakevan has been released! He'll include 6 seperate meshes, each with a different expression.

Major thanks go to TheDirtyTrain1 for the bogey and ThomasandCookieMonster for the faces.




17th February 2014


Hello All,


I am honnored to inform you that the Kickstarter for the Star Tugs Trust has succeeded. :)


And as my special way of saying Well done to all of you who have contributed, My Vicarstown Route is now released! Like the other routes, it'll only work with Trainz 12.

Enjoy the route, and well done to the Star Tugs Trust!



12th February 2014

Hey guys! I just wanted to let you know that I am taking a little break from making Trainz content, there is more info on the "In the works" page. I'll return soon to make some requested routes. I am also thinking about making a second Bow the Terrier volume.


25th January 2014


Hello All,


Bill and Ben have been released on the website, and they're the first releases on the site to have changable faces. There are some minor errors/glitches with the meshes, but I do hope to update them in the future.


Also, Please show your support by donating for The Star Tugs Trust.




18th January 2014


Happy New Year!


The first part of The Killdane route has been uploaded to the site, and I should warn you that it'll only be compatible with Trainz 12. If you have Trainz 2010 or below, there's nothing I can do.


Regardless, enjoy the route!



28th December 2013


Today's Release is a Double Feature!


Dizzy Diesels, It's Den and Dart!

Den and Dart are included in a two pack, so everyone can have the dizzy diesels to toy with.


Hope you enjoy the Dizzy Diesels. :P



27th December2013


Today's Release is one that should never be forgotten.

In other words, Today's release is Sidney. ncluded within Sidney is also a building mesh of Sidney without his wheels.


Hope you enjoy! :)



26th December2013


I Hope you all had a happy Christmas with all of your families.  :)

Today is the start of some "Late" Christmas Presents coming right from me.

To kick it all off on Boxing Day, Rosie the Saddle Tank Engine has been released! And on top of that, Rosie is also the first Baked model on the website. Enjoy, and have a happy holiday. :)

- Matt/Lbbrian

30th November 2013


Arthur has arrived from the Fishing Village and is ready to come straight to your Trainz routes! Arthur's now released!


- Matt/Lbbrian

26th November 2013


Happy Thanksgiving to those in America!

Paxton the Diesel from Blue Mountain Mystery, and other episodes such as The Lost Puff, The Missing Christmas Decorations, and Gordon Runs Dry is now released!


- Matt/Lbbrian

8th November 2013


Stafford has been discontinued and now some new trucks have arrived on the site. There are some minor bugs here and there, but they will be uploaded when I have the time.


- Matt/Lbbrian

28th October 2013

The Snailbeach District Railway has been released go and check it out.


7th October 2013

Hello Everybodeh!  Considering that Today's First Season 17 episodes on PBS are The Lost Puff and Steamie Stafford, Stafford Is now released!

(oh, and please, no puffing and chuffing. :P)

- Matt/Lbbrian

5th October 2013

Vicarstown Bridge is Now Open. Head to the Routes page to download the route. :)

- Matt/Lbbrian

22nd September 2013

With all of the errors reported to me, Stephen the Rocket has been updated. Be sure to re-download him. :)
- Matt/Lbbrian

17th September 2013

In Celebration of the US DVD Release of King of the Railway, Stephen the Rocket Has Been Released! Now you can recreate your favorite scenes from the special with The Rocket!
- Matt/Lbbrian

2nd September 2013

Stanley,Tidmouth Hill, and Ulfstead Village have been Released

-Matt/Ibbrian and Nathan/Ilovetrains323

1st September 2013 

We are proud to announce that we have new member joining, Matt/lbbrian. He will be our new model maker, and his first model: Stanley, is now released!  I am now going to be a route and building maker.

- Nathan/Ilovetrains323

1st July 2013

RWS Kirk Ronan Branch Line has been released! I hope you enjoy it!


28th April 2013

My Ffarquhar Project has been released. This will be continued and will expand the line until it's complete



2nd February 2013

After much delay, Maithwaite V3 is released! It includes new scenes from Stepney Gets Lost, Percy and the Haunted Mine and Boo Boo Choo Choo.


15th January 2013

Trainzfan9's yards and station route is released. It consists a yard, based on Copley Hill, a small village and a narrow gauge line.






30th November 2012
Bryan V2 Is Released With Darker Colors And Sodor Colors.

1st October 2012

A testing route has been released! You can test out engines of all gauges, planes, cars and boats!


17th August 2012

My first requested route is now available on the site. It includes Maithwaite station, and is an updated version of my Maithwaite Forest route. (Requested by Pdxbillc.)


11th August 2012

Lummerland has been up or much more downgrated


6th July 2012

The Military Railway is released!


25th June 2012

FlyingScotsman is leaving the team. He has joined North Western Railway 3D.

We'll miss you!


23rd June 2012

Railsoftheworld66 and Ilovetrains323 are now part of the team.

16th June

The Hilltrack's Bonus Stuff page is now complete!


6th June 2012

Trainzfan9 is now part of the site and his Lummerland route is released.

28th May 2012

The forum is complete! Check it out. 

28th May 2012

Pdxbillc's Norramby Beach route is released!

23rd May 2012

ThomasFann1's Skarloey Railway Part 1 is released!

21st May 2012

Hi guys! I'm now part of Hilltrack's Trainz Routes.


20th May 2012

We now have a forum. Please remember it is a beta version.


18th May 2012

Welcome pdxbillc to the team!


21st April 2012:

Today marks the release of Hilltrack's Misty Valley route! Get yours now!

8th April 2012:

Two new routes as an Easter gift! Oliver's Find by FlyingScotsman1257 and The Other Railway by Hilltrack! Enjoy!

28th March 2012:

Giving the Route Page a new look with pictures!


24th March 2012:

Maithwaite Forest Released! Enjoy!


13th March 2012:

New Railway Works Route out!


9th March 2012:

Hey guys. F1257 here again and I would like to say that a certain route is gone BUT I have Oliver's Find to complete.

More soon~

6th March 2012:

Hey all! FlyingScotman1257 here, and this is gonna be the new News Page.

Keep an eye out for any routes to come out, and we hope you enjoy the routes already out. =)